Maya Chaimovich: Travel Log

Show:  June 25 – August 3

Gallery Talk, July 17, 2013 @6pm

Through the art quilt, which has become the main focus of my life, I learned to express my feelings and share my experiences.  I use as many types of material as I can in my work:  cotton, lace, velvet, various types of silk, synthetic materials of all kinds.  Most of the materials I use are from recycled clothes in an assortment of colors.  An important part of my design experience is the use of materials worn by people I don't know.  I give them a life of their own while designing my own creations.  A main theme and a group of colors which I choose, guide me in the creation of a new work.  The creation itself develops through much conflict, but gradually evolves into its final form.

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I find that the juxtaposition of contemporary, figurative subjects

paired with a very traditional form of quilting -- after all, there is

nothing more basic than sewing squares of commercially

available material together and then quilting them-- leads to

interesting and beautiful images.