Material Witnesses:

New Work from the Manhattan Quilters Guild

November 15 – January 7, 2011/2012

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Ludmila Aristova, Teresa Barkley, Benedicte Caneill, Beth Carney, Randy Frost, Iris Gowen, Luke Haynes, Tatiana Ivina, Katherine Knauer, Emiko Toda Loeb, Ruth Marchese, Paula Nadelstern. Elizabeth Poole, Jeri Riggs, Diana Goulston Robinson, Robin Schwalb, Arlé Sklar-Weinstein, Daphne Taylor. Melanie Testa, Ludmila Uspenskaya, Erin Wilson, Adrienne Yorinks


Collective Artists’ statement: “Each quilter witnesses NYC and the world in his or her own way--addressing jury duty, subway construction, technology, legal injustice, crime scene investigation, natural disaster, or abstract images of the buildings and skyline--and interprets that experience in fiber, using a wide range of materials and techniques, including cloth, acrylic, oil, thread, photo transfer, and found objects. Some of the quilts include vintage materials, which have witnessed the passing of many years, and their texture testifies to their age.”